How To Keep Your Horse Happy And Healthy?

If you are owning a horse, then it surely offers a rewarding and fun experience. It may also be a long-term and challenging commitment on the other side. The life of the horse would be around thirty years and some healthy horses live for about fifty-two years. When you care and maintain your horse for decades, you can expect a healthy and happy horse living for addition years. Bahr Bahr Saddlery is a leading company for a complete range of horse care and rider needs. Hope you find this review about horse caring useful and effective.

Most people would wish to have a healthy and happy horse. Well, if you want your horse to live long and enjoy an enriching life, then your number one importance is to run into its full potential. A horse is one among the high maintenance animals. No matter, you are taking your house to competitions or riding the horse around, your companion needs sufficient care.

  • It requires everything from usual veterinary check-ups to exact kind of feed that includes supplementary food whenever necessary.
  • Ensure that your house is getting enough exercise and turnout. Moreover, you have to give importance to their grooming requirements.
  • You need to keep their hoof, skin, mane, and coat in optimal condition.
  • It is necessary to keep their stables hygienic and clean.
  • If you are using equestrian arenas, it should be well maintained and well-constructed to avoid lameness or injury.
  • Ensure your horse is fed with proper nutrition as per their work schedule and age.
  • Weekly or daily exercise helps to keep a horse healthy and fit.
  • Offering a balanced life is more important from the mental, physical and nutritional aspect.
  • Let your horse have breaks, eat grass and allow them to bond and play with other horses. These would make you feel that you are a contented horse owner.

All these are some complex requirements that help in maintaining a healthy horse, especially for the first time horse owners.

Listen to the horse. Each horse is different. If he is kicking, grumpy, bolting or biting, it means he is trying to express something important. There may be something wrong which you would have not noticed and your horse may try to tell by these signs. Do not simply label the horse as a naughty horse.

Spend sufficient time with your horse. As you spend, you can learn a lot of things about your companion. It is recommended to join a horse owner’s community so that you can get a lot of inputs about grooming and growing a healthy horse.

Horses eat little food but several times a day. They are trickle feeders. Do not leave your horse in a field without any grass or a long time without fodder. These activities can cause stomach ulcers and other related problems to your horse.

Check whether your horse has sufficient standing space in its stable. Allow the horse to spend time outdoors maximum time. Do not neglect, isolate or remain ignorant of its needs. Regularly take your horse for vaccination, dental and farrier visits. You should know the difference between the practitioners so that you can call them for help when in need.