Difference Between HPS Lights And LED Lights

HPS Lights And LED Lights

Most people have a question that whether HPS or LED light is better. LED lights are new to the market. Before 5 years most of the people use HPS lights. But in recent years most people buy LED lights because of its new technology and multiple benefits. Initially, the cost of the LED lights is very high but now it is available for a cheap price also. People who are using HPS lights for many years are not preferring LED light because of its cost.

But if you consider in the long run LED lights are very cheap because they consume less power and it requires very little maintenance. The intensity of the HPS light drops significantly so it must be replaced regularly. The LED light does not lose its intensity like HPS lights. So good quality LED lights can be used for approximately 100,000 hours. Check out https://plantsily.com/tips/led-grow-lights-vs-hps/ to know the difference between HPS lights and LED lights. If you want to know more here is the blog you should read through.

HPS Lights:
HPS (High-pressure Sodium) Lights is the best choice for professionals and amateurs. It is best known for the raw output light. It can be used for flowering plants since they produce a huge amount of light. Equal to the light they also produce heat which affects the growth of the plant. People who use HPS light for vegetation will also use metal halide for the growth of the plant. So if you are using HPS light for plant growth then have separate setup for vegetation plants and flowering plants or you can also use separate bulbs. So for the initial setup, you need extra money.

HPS lights can be easily compared because the manufacturers follow standard specifications. The initial cost for HPS light is very less when compared with the LEG grow lights. By using HPS lights you can improve your yield since they provide raw lights. HPS lights are more suitable for large size plants.

Electricity cost will be more if you use HPS lights. You need additional ventilation setup since it generates heat. HPS lights must be replaced every 12 months because it loses its intensity.

LED grow lights:
LED grow lights use the best technology for the growth of the plant. It is one of the efficient lighting types available in the market. LED grow lights are used for both hobby gardens and commercial garden because of its cutting edge features. LED lights convert all its consumed power into light energy for the growth of the plant with the help of accurate spectral output, and thermal engineering. When compared with HPS lights, LED grow lights consume less energy and produce more yield. LED grow lights need less maintenance. LED lights must be cleaned once in six months. LED growth lights can be adjusted as per the growth of the plant.

LED growth lights will help you to save the electricity bill. It produces less heat so the place will be cool when compared with the HPS lights. It does not have specific standards. Each manufacturer follows a different standard. So it will be a little difficult to compare.

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