Getting To Know About The Impact On Girls Suffering From Daddy Issues!

Daddy issues are one of the most common psychological issues that affects a girl’s life right from her childhood days. You could just look around and find at least a handful of women or girls suffering from this issue. But we never realize the graveness of these daddy issues and how it spoils a girl child’s life. The link describes the father complex in a nutshell. When we get to know the depth at which a daddy issue can spoil a girl child’s future and life, we can’t help but think that it is better to grow up without a father than grow up being an abusive man’s daughter.

The Role Of A Daddy In A Girl’s Life
We always see and watch writings and videos about the role of a mother in a child’s life. But less is always said about a daddy’s role. The truth is that a child needs the love, care, and attention of both her daddy and mummy when she grows up. No matter how tough, dependant or strong a mother is; she can never fill the shoes of a daddy! A caring and loving dad can nurture and grow a confident and bright woman. But if the dad is selfish and does not care even a bit about the child; growing up with such a father can have detrimental effects on the child’s psychological growth. If the father constantly abuses the mother and never lets her be daddy’s pretty princess or make her feel cared and secured; it makes the little girl extremely vulnerable and shatters the backbone of emotional strength of a girl child.

The Negative Effects Of Growing Up In A Broken Home
Growing up in a broken home can be a real harrowing experience, the memories of which, will haunt the child throughout his/her life. When you don’t get the love and care from the right place, you end up seeking for it in everyone you meet. This makes you extremely vulnerable and easy to be exploited by selfish, greedy and abusive men out there.

You finally come to terms with the fact that your father will not be there for you, no matter what! You realize that your father will never behave well with you unless he has some hidden motives. This makes you disbelieve men in general, and even if a guy genuinely behaves well with you, you doubt him and think he has some hidden motive for behaving well with you. You consider a man is behaving well as something “ out of the ordinary” and not natural! Even if you realize that a man is genuinely behaving good to you, you tend to be overly thankful for it and believe that you owe him really for being so good to you. After all how can someone be so good to me? That is what you will think! Thus, in short, this daddy issue can muddle up a girl’s way of thinking when she grows up to be an adult.