Hurdles of LED grow Light Domination

LED Grow Lights vs. HPS1

No doubt, LED grow lights are one of the best inventions technology has gifted us. They are amazing in all ways for they are low on heat, energy, high in quality and everything related. This will be agreed by 90% of the cannabis growers. LED grow lights are the perfect match for indoor cannabis growers. You can also learn more at HPS was ruling the industry for 30 years and was considered the perfect match for growing cannabis indoors. It was also tagged as the Golden Standard for the Cannabis grow lights. But with the advancement of technology, LED grow lights slowly made its way to the HPS position. LED lights have made their position in the users’ hearts. But what has made it so special when compared to HPS? Read on and you will agree too.

A Quick Review of LEDs over HPS
Efficient – When the talk is about Efficiency, LED sure has surpassed HPS. It saves money and power consumption is also very low. An HPS bulb needs to be changed very often because of its diminishing brightness. The cannabis must maintain its brightness at all points of growth. This flaw makes the HPS a step back of the LED. Whereas in the case of LED, it does not have such problems. The brightness is the same all its life and does not need constant change or check.

Plug-and-Play – This is one of the best advantages of LED grow lights. One can just Plug-and-Play anywhere and enjoy seeing their cannabis grow. In other words, one can simply hang their lamps over the plants and directly plug to any electrical socket nearby. It gets fixed easily. But in the case of HPS, it demands ballast. For small HPS models, it gets into any built-in ballast but larger models demand external ballast that is brick-sized.

Built-in Cooling Feature – In LED grow lights one needs not to worry about the cooling features. It is automatically cooled for it has a small built-in fan and heatsinks. But HPS grow lights need help for cooling. Even in the case of small HPS lights, it needs cooling help. It is cooled with the help of ducting or fan by releasing out hot air.

Customized Color Spectrum – It is known that the color of the light plays a major role in the development of the plants. Other grow lights have standard colors, whereas, in LED light, one can change and adjust the color according to the user’s convenience. This is something which is impossible in other lights.

LED grow lights have all the amazing features and benefits to grow great cannabis. But there are few things that if taken care, will definitely be a hit around the globe. The five things that make an LED grow light a little less preference are as follows.

· High cost
· Light intensity vs. penetration
· Replacement parts
· Lack of reliability and
· Confusing claims

If these are taken care of, then nothing can stop the LED grow light to get the topmost position in the grower’s list.